Remember where you came from


Born into coffee

Our founder, Aquiles Guerrero, began his experience in coffee at an early age. Growing up on his family's coffee farm in the rural mountains of Nicaragua, Aquiles was blessed with a unique opportunity to learn and experience the early stages and techniques of coffee processing. From growing to picking, to washing and drying of green coffee.

Learning Hands-On

Aquiles's experience with coffee would later grow into a great passion in 1989, when he moved to San Francisco where his Aunt Martha had opened the family’s first coffee shop, Martha & Bros. Coffee. Working at Martha & Bros. Coffee throughout high-school, Aquiles would learn the tricks of the barista trade. His roasting craftsmanship began while helping his father who opened a roastery in the early 1990’s.

The wheel keeps on turning

Through hard work and dedication, Aquiles’s lifelong dream became a reality when he opened Flywheel Coffee Roasters in 2012. He’s a proud husband to high school sweetheart, Marissa, and together they have three children, Sofia, Gia, and Isaiah.